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udrew – W.A. Innovator of the Year 2018

Jack’s Labs continues successful record of delivering software for startups.


Jack’sLabs (“Jack’s”) client, udrew, took out the WA Innovator of theYear Award earlier this month in Perth, Western Australia. udrew was the overall winner (AUD$75,000sponsored by Mitsubishi Corporation) of the Innovator of the Year program, which is an initiative of the State Government's New Industries Fund.


InnovativeStartup Software

Founded by Perth engineer, Tom Young, udrew aims to be the world's first building technology platform that makes designing, planning and building your own projects faster and more affordable.

udrew’s software allows users to create an account and design small building improvements like front walls, gazebos, crossovers and more in minutes.  The user input designs are converted into fully fledged engineering and structural plans and after being run through council algorithms for national, state and local building codes (where councils have already agreed with udrew) to advise instantly whether a new structure is council approved or not.

A design and approval process that normally takes months, now takes seconds.

TomYoung and udrew, are also recent ‘graduates’ of the 2018 Plus Eight accelerator program in Perth, an initiative of start-up hub Spacecubed and Telstra’s start-up accelerator muru-D.



Jack’sLabs worked alongside Tom and udrew for 18 months developing the comprehensive MVP web application and unique drag and drop drawing UI/UX tool for the user interface.  Critical GIS information is pulled from public API resources such as Google and NationalMap and compiled and hosted locally.  Databases were designed and built with red is and MySQL and the system is hosted in the AWS cloud.


Jack’s and Startups

Jack’sLabs, alongside Jack’s Ventures, has been supporting and developing software platforms and applications for startups in Perth and South East Asia since 2013 and behind other leading startups including GetCraft Southeast Asia's premium creative vendor marketplace delivering their original MVP and platform content platform.  GetCraft has grown into five countries acrossAsia and over 150 employees.

If you’re a startup, or an enterprise that wants to deliver just like a startup then get in touch with us to find out more about Jack’s startup approach.

About Jack's

Jack’s is a database, software and mobile technology firm that provides a wide range of design, product and engineering services to a diversified client base that includes corporations, financial institutions, governments and start-ups. Founded in 2013, the firm maintains offices in Jakarta, Indonesia and Perth, Australia. © Jack’s Labs PTY LTD, 2018. All rights reserved.

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